Workshop / Summer School

In all regions of the Mediterranean, classical antiquity today still offers numerous references to highlight and discuss the ancient maritime world both in detail and in a broader perspective. As a combination of workshop, summer school and sailing excursion – and open to all fields of classical studies –, the event offers participants a detailed insight into the ancient maritime world of that particular region as well as the corresponding overall developments and contexts.

In the sense of a workshop, the participants will contribute their own topics, ideas and/or research aspects, which will be discussed in detail in the context of the voyage and the places visited. A practice-oriented discussion of the respective topics results not least from the format of the event as a sailing excursion. 

In the sense of a summer school, there will be lectures on various topics of ancient seafaring and maritime culture. The participants are also encouraged to take on the work on board the ship themselves. Practical insights into seamanship and navigation are – of course – also given, as well as an overall insight into the area of nautical conditions and necessities.

And as a sailing excursion, the event naturally offers maritime perspectives in a variety of ways. Starting with insights into the practical necessities of seafaring, through the view and understanding of coastal places and regions of the ancient (and modern) world, to the possibilities and limits that the sea provided for the shaping of culture.

The multitude of possible maritime aspects to be considered can easily be associated with a look at the pictures placed here under "Gallery". These are for example:

On settlements and coastal areas e.g.: accessibility of the sea, accessibility of the land – coastal settlements and coastal topography – urban areas, their bays, ports and docks – architectural staging and the sea – self-sufficiency and external dependence – threat from and protection by the sea – natural resources and change of landscape.

On sea and seafaring e.g.: visibility and routes across open sea – nautical and maritime conditions ­– seafaring, ships and seamanship – wind, weather and the risks at sea – astronomy and navigation at night.

On connectivity e.g.: maritime routes and urban settlements – interregional connectivity and control of routes – supraregional sanctuaries and the sea – colonies, mother cities and the sea – trade, goods and maritime economy – art and culture, their spread and the sea.