Ancient Maritime World IV

International Workshop / Summer School 2021

The Peloponnese and the Sea

Sept 11th–Oct 2nd

from/to Athens

The school focuses on the Peloponnese and its maritime conditions, influences, and relationships from the Late Bronze Age to the Early Byzantine Empire. It takes place as a sailing excursion with two modern yachts. Starting from Alimos Marina near Piraeus, the journey leads to historical and archaeological sites along the coast of the Peloponnese and the Gulf of Corinth.

The school is directed at advanced students, doctoral students as well as postdocs in all fields of classical antiquity. Lectures will be given and a wide range of workshops on the ancient maritime world will take place. Participants are expected to give a presentation on one of the main topics. Previous knowledge of sailing – although beneficial – is not required. On board, participation as well as teamwork is expected. Accommodation is on board the yacht.

Languages: German/English

Places and topics e.g. 

Saronic Gulf and the battle of Salamis – Athenian naval power, Aegina and the Aegean – Gulf of Argos and Mycenaean seafaring – Monemvasia, Cape Malea and dangers of ancient seafaring – Sparta and the sea – Cape Tainaron, soldiers and an entrance to Hades – Taÿgetus, Mani and Greek independence – Messenian Gulf and Methoni – Pylos and Navarino Bay – Elis and maritime routes to the Olympic Games – Patras, Romans and seafaring towards Greece – Greek colonization, Delphi and seafaring towards the west – Corinth, its harbours and maritime empire, its isthmus and canal.